The CFTC Commitments of Traders report in the week ended November 6 shows that all major currencies (except USD) remained in NET SHORT positions. Speculative longs on USD index fell -1 564 contracts while shorts declined -2 323, sending the NET LENGTH higher, by +759 contracts, to 40 282 contracts. The greenback weakened against major currencies during the reporting week with the exception of Japanese yen.

NET SHORTS for both European currencies increased. For EUR futures, speculative long positions fell -8 718 contracts while shorts rose +5 463 contracts, deepening NET SHORT to 46 843 for the week. NET SHORT for GBP futures decreased -4 317 contracts to 56 799.

On safe-haven currencies, Net SHORT for CHF futures rose +5 426 contracts to 19 948 while that for JPY futures dropped -2 498 contracts, to 89 122 during the week. Bets on the latter gained on both sides.

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While staying in NET SHORT, such positions were trimmed in all commodity currencies . NET SHORT for AUD futures slipped -3 967 contracts to 66 445, while that for NZD futures sank – 9 305 contracts to 25 726. NET SHORT for CAD futures plunged -7 023 contracts to 2 632.


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