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CFTC Commitments of Traders – Greenback’s Near-Term Outlook Masked by US Political Uncertainty

As suggested in the CFTC Commitments of Traders report in the week ended September 29, NET SHORT for USD Index futures fell -3 591 to 5 555 contracts. Speculative long positions increased +2 908 contracts and short positions slipped -683 contracts. The greenback’s outlook remains uncertain in the near term. The US presidential election is just a month away. This, together with Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, has complicated the political situation in the US. Concerning European currencies, NET LENGTH in EUR futures declined -2 706 contracts to 188 116. GBP futures reverted to NET SHORT of 12 745 contracts during the week.

On safe-haven currencies, NET LENGTH on CHF futures dropped -3 175 contracts to 12 741. NET LENGTH on JPY futures also fell -4 792 contracts to 24 789. Concerning commodity currencies, AUD futures’ NET LENGTH plunged -7 402 to  8 937 contracts. Separately, NZD futures’ NET LENGTH dropped -1 531 contracts to 3 329 during the week. Meanwhile, NET SHORT for CAD futures added +66 contracts to 18 948 contracts.


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