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Canadia’s Capital Inflows Surge To $10.2B In December

‘Acquisitions of equities were moderated by sales of US government debt instruments in the month, for which Canadian investors have reduced their exposure in each of the last five months.’ – Statistics Canada

The Canadian capital inflows rose less than expected in December, official data showed on Friday. Statistics Canada reported foreign investment in the country’s government securities surged to $10.2B in the reported month, following the preceding month’s $7.3B, whereas economists penciled in an increase of $11.6B. On the positive side, total inflows increased compared with the previous year’s $106.0B to $161.3B in 2016. In the meantime, net inflows of debt securities rose to $107.9B in the reported year from $91.6B in 2015. This increase was mainly driven by solid growth of inflows into debt securities issued by corporations. In volume terms, equity inflows rose to $9.7B in the 12th month of the year. On a yearly basis, the value of investment into equities increased from $14.4B to $53.4B. In addition, Statistics Canada reported the sum of outflows in 2016 declined sharply to $13.8B from $60.2B previously, as investors dampened their interest for cross-border assets.

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