Current level – 1.0972

The market is in a range locked between 1.0964 and 1.0995. From price action point of view, sellers are still holding control over the market and we might see a new push towards 1.0980-1.0995 that could trigger a drop towards 1.0939 and 1.0900. Only a confirmed breach of the price above 1.1020 could attract additional buyers that can push the price to new highs.

Resistance Support
intraday intraweek intraday intraweek
1.1000 1.1176 1.0960 1.0880
1.1070 1.1176 1.0940 1.0830


Current level – 107.38

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The recent recovery of the worldwide exchanges led to USD/JPY going higher as well as finding some nice support around 106.68. The expectations for a recovery remain with nearest resistance zones at 107.67-107.88 followed by 108.17. Should an eventual drop occurs, we can expect buyers to re-enter at 107.00 or 106.68.

Resistance Support
intraday intraweek intraday intraweek
107.67 108.20 107.00 106.40
107.88 108.80 106.68 105.80


Current level – 1.2294

Currently the market is in a consolidation phase and investors are cautious regarding the Brexit that is supposed to happen at the end of this month. Decreased market volatility suggests a strong move, should the price breach either of two key levels 1.2344 or 1.2272. Mostly expectations are for a depreciation of the sterling as the possibility for a chaotic exit without a deal is increasing by the day. If the downside momentum increases, we can expect a test of the 1.20 low. Bears could meet significant resistance at 1.2420.

Resistance Support
intraday intraweek intraday intraweek
1.2340 1.2500 1.2270 1.2100
1.2420 1.2550 1.2200 1.2000

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