Price is trading below the 0.7950 psychological level and looks a little overbought on the short term. Has retested a dynamic resistance and now could decrease if the dollar index will stay above the 92.94 previous low.

AUD/USD is still trading in the green on the short term, it maintains a bullish perspective as long as is located above a major dynamic support. Price is signaling an exhaustion and could come down to retest a support before will try to climb much higher.

Price is driven by the technical factors as we have a poor economic calendar. Technically could slip lower on the short term if will fail to close above the 0.7962 previous high. Right now is very important to see what will happen on the USDX, which is under bearish pressure on the Daily chart.

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It is pressuring the median line (ml) of the minor ascending pitchfork, a failure to close above stabilize above will send the rate tumbling on the short term. The rebound towards the median line (ml) was expected after the failure to retest the lower median line (lml), but the false breakout above it shows an overbought.

Could come down to retest the median line (ML) of the major ascending pitchfork and the lower median line (lml). The perspective will remain bullish as long as is trading above these levels, but a valid breakdown will confirm a major drop.


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