Trump’s protectionist trade policy are causing a lot of concerns from US farmers. The steel and aluminum tariffs on Mexico have already triggered retaliation on US agriculture products. The trade war with China is even a bigger concern. Brian Kuehl, executive director of Farmers for Free Trade, said “the reason you are seeing people increase the pressure now is because the pressure is increasing on them. Now the impact is really starting to hit. It is not something you can just take lightly.”

The group issued a statement last week in response to the section 301 tariffs on China. There it noted imposing tariffs on China is “no longer a negotiating tactic” and it’s a “tax” on farmers livelihoods. It’s “downright scary”. And the group criticized that the tariffs is a “win for our competitors”, including South Maerica and Australia. The group called for elected officials to stop this trade war.

Here is the statement:

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Farmers for Free Trade Executive Director, Brian Kuehl released the following statement following reports that the Administration will move forward with $50 billion in tariffs on China which are expected to result in heavy retaliatory tariffs on U.S. agricultural exports.

“For American farmers this isn’t theoretical anymore, it’s downright scary. It’s no longer a negotiating tactic, it’s a tax on their livelihoods. Within days, soybean, corn, wheat and other American farmers are likely to be hit with retaliatory tariff of up to 25% on exports that keep their operations afloat. When they do, they’re not going to remain silent.

“The imposition of these tariffs is not only a blow to our farmers, it’s a win for our competitors. When American soybeans and corn become more expensive, South America wins. When beef becomes more expensive, Australia wins. As this trade war drags on, farmers will rightly question why our competitors are winning while we’re losing.

“Farmers for Free Trade will continue to hold town hall meetings across the country this summer to ensure farmer’s voices are being heard. The message will be loud and clear: American farmers demand that elected officials support them by ending this trade war.”

The group will also launch a TV ads on Tuesday in  Pennsylvania and Michigan urging Trump to stop trade war.


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