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Australia CPI rose to 8.4% yoy in Dec, 7.8% yoy in Q4

Australia CPI rose 1.9% qoq in Q4, above expectation of 1.7% qoq. Annual CPI accelerated from 7.3% yoy to 7.8% yoy, above expectation of 7.5% yoy. RBA trimmed mean CPI also accelerated from 6.1% yoy to 6.9% yoy, above expectation of 6.5% yoy.

Michelle Marquardt, ABS head of prices statistics, said “This is the fourth consecutive quarter to show a rise greater than any seen since the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2000. The increase for the quarter was slightly higher than the quarterly movements for the September and June quarters last year (both 1.8 per cent).”

“The annual increase for the CPI is the highest since 1990. Annual inflation for goods such as new dwellings and automotive fuel steadied this quarter, however we saw an uptick in inflation for services such as holidays and restaurant meals,” Marquardt said.

Monthly CPI accelerated from 7.3% yoy to 8.4% yoy in December, above expectation of 7.7% yoy.

Marquardt said, “The monthly indicator recorded the largest annual rise in the series in December. The most significant contributors in the 12 months to December were New dwellings, up 16.0 per cent, and Holiday travel and accommodation, up 29.3 per cent. Airfare and accommodation prices rose in response to strong demand over the Christmas holiday period.”

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