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US Treasury Mnuchin said it’s fake news about Trump push for WTO exit

US Treasury Steven Mnuchin calls the report about Trump wants to exit WTO “fake news” and an “exaggeration.”

Mnuchin added that “the president has been clear, with us and with others, he has concerns about the WTO, he thinks there’s aspects of it that are not fair, he thinks that China and others have used it to their own advantage, but we are focused on free trade. That’s what we’re focused on – breaking down barriers.”

Earlier today, Axios reported, quoting unnamed source” that Trump also said “I don’t know why we’re in it. The WTO is designed by the rest of the world to screw the United States.” The reported added that “sources with knowledge of the situation say the Trump administration will continue to call attention to various ways in which the U.S. encounters what some Trump advisers perceive is unfair and unbalanced treatment within framework of the WTO.”

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