In a policy news release, the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy warned that the US-China trade dispute is likely to be “prolonged and proliferated”. And it urged private sector to seek analysis from the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Industry (KIEP) on the effects on imports and exports of each industry.

The Ministry also warned that “China’s home appliances, computers and telecommunication equipment are included in the additional tariffs, which suggests that exports of intermediate goods to China will decrease .” Meanwhile, the government would prepare a scenario for developing trade disputes with the US and prepare counter measures accordingly.

The issue regarding US 232 auto tariffs was discussed at a meeting with the motor industry representatives on July 10. Follow up actions including attending the US hearing by the government and the industry. In addition, delegation of representatives from the Ministry of Industry , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Information and Communication , automobile industry association, Hyundai Motor , and trade association representatives, is scheduled to meet with US officials, legislators and automobile organizations.

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Full statement here.


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