Japan nominal labor cash earnings rose strongly by 3.6% yoy in June versus expectation of 1.7% yoy. Real wages grew 2.8% yoy, the fastest pace in 21 years since January 1997. Looking at the details, regular pay grew 1.5% yoy. One-off payment including bonuses jumped an impressive 7.0% yoy. Overtime pay also rose 3.5% yoy, a notable acceleration of 2.0% yoy in May. The set of data should be welcomed by BoJ. Nonetheless, persistent strength is needed to eventually change the “social mode” of deflation mind set, which suppresses inflation pressures. Also from Japan, overall household spending dropped -1.2% yoy in June, matched expectations.

Elsewhere, UK BRC retail sales monitor rose 0.5% yoy in July, below expectation of 1.3% yoy. Australia AiG performance of construction index rose to 52.0 in July, up from 50.6.


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