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Study shows 112 constituencies switched from Brexit to Bremain

According to a latest study, more than 100 parliamentary seats have flipped from pro-Brexit in 2016 to pro-Bremain now. Focaldata, a consumer analytic company, compiled the breakdown data by modelling two YouGov polls conducted before and after Prime Minister Theresa May’s Chequers Deal. The study was jointly commissioned by anti-Brexit group Best for Britain and anti-racist group Hope Not Hate.

The study found that 112 seats out of 632 in England, Scotland and Wales have switched from leave to Remain. And there are now 341 seats with majority Remain support, up from 229 seats at the referendum in 2016. Among the switches, 97 was in England, 14, in Wales and 1 in Scotland. Also, there is now a majority for Remain in both Scotland and Wales.

Eloise Todd, the chief executive of Best for Britain, said: “the sands of public opinion are shifting and politicians risk falling behind”, and “the deal must be put to the people.” Nick Lowles, head of Hope not Hate, said “the rate of change appears to be quickening as the realities of what Brexit would mean become more apparent and the fears of a no-deal Brexit grow”.

The UK and EU are due to reconvene Brexit negotiation on Thursday in Brussels. UK is believed to be pushing the deadline for negotiation to October while EU is insisting to conclude it in September.

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