BoE Governor Mark Carney gave some “chilling” warnings in Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet meeting on no-deal Brexit preparation yesterday. There he compared a disorderly effort to 2008 financial prices. And more importantly, BoE wouldn’t be able to avert the crisis by cutting interest rates. Inflation and unemployment are expected to surge according to Carney’s expectation. And, in the worst case scenario, house price could fall be 25-35% over three years. On the other hand, Carney noted that if a deal is struck based on May’s Chequers plan, the economy could overshoot current forecasts as it’s an outcome that’s better than BoE assumed.

However, it should be noted that Carney has been constantly accused by Brexiteers as being part of the “Remain” camp, together with Chancellor of Exchequer Philip Hammond. And, both have been inaccurate in prediction Brexit economic consequences. Leader of the Brexit camp European Research Group Jacob Rees-Mogg called Carney “the high priest of Project Fear” last month.


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