UK Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her confidence that the parliament will vote for any Brexit deals that she strikes with the EU. She added that “parliament will vote for a deal because people will see the importance of a deal that maintains a good trading relationship with the EU … but gives us the freedom to take the benefits and opportunities of Brexit.”

Also regarding the possibility of being rejected by the Parliament, she said “do we really think … we’ve been through this negotiation we get to the point where we’ve agreed a deal that if parliaments was to say no go back and get a better one, do you really think the European Union is going to give a better deal at that point.” And, “the alternative to that will be having no deal.”

Separately, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said EU should “do everything possible to avoid a hard Brexit”. French President Emmanuel Macron said “it’s indispensable that we reach an agreement and that European Union rules be fully maintained.”

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