Euro’s selloff slowed a little bit after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tried to calm the markets with his facebook post. He said there that “Italy is a founding country of the European Union and monetary union”. And, “the euro is our currency and it is for us indispensable. ” He emphasized that “any other declaration that makes a different assessment is to be regarded as a free and arbitrary opinion that has nothing to do with the government policy I chair”.

Also, he defended the budget plan and said “the package of measures that we are developing aims to combine fairness and efficiency”. Also, he added large investment plan is set up to “give the country modern and secure infrastructure, making it a permanent laboratory for innovation and development.”

Conte also added “We respect our sovereign prerogatives and we also respect the institutions of the European Union that we have helped to establish and remain our common home.” And, “We are going to talk to the European institutions with serenity and respect for roles, confident that we can prove, hand cards, the goodness of work so far.

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L’Italia è un Paese fondatore dell’Unione Europea e dell’Unione Monetaria e ci tengo a ribadirlo: l’euro è la nostra…

Gepostet von Giuseppe Conte am Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2018


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