Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence dropped to 8.8 in November, down from 11.4 and missed expectation of 9.9. Sentix noted “The problem areas in Europe and the global economy remain largely the same, which does not make it any better. Germany’s weakness is also weighing on the Euroland economy.” Also, “the Eurozone economy passed its zenith in January. Since then, economic expectations have reversed and since April they have been negative.”

Sentix noted factors such as “US President’s trade policy”, “discussion about the future of the car industry in Germany”, the “weakness of the banking sector” and the “budget question in Italy” are contributing to the development. Additionally, there is an “increasing perception of inflation” as “investors expect inflation to continue to rise. Thus, “central banks can hardly deviate from their current course towards a more restrictive monetary policy, at least not only because of an economic slowdown.”

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Full release here.


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