SNB Vice Chairman Fritz Zurbruegg said in a Schaffhauser Nachrichten newspaper interview that when EUR/CHF was at 1.2, there came the ” the impression that everything is solved and the pressure is gone – the franc is no longer a safe haven”. However, then, “you can see that the franc reacts very quickly as long as there are uncertainties.” That showed the “exchange rate situation is still very fragile”. Therefore, SNB policymakers are “convinced we have to continue with our current monetary policy.”

Also, he noted the central bank is not considering to reduce its balance sheet yet. He said “there are risks that we have accepted to fight against the over-valuation of the franc, and we can live with that. And, “the size of our balance sheet doesn’t limit our ability to act and we have shown that we are still ready to intervene in the currency markets if necessary.” He added “that’s why there is no talk at present about reducing this portfolio.”


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