UK Q3 GDP growth accelerated to 0.6% qoq, matched market expectations. That’s also the fastest rate since Q4 2016.

Head of National Accounts Rob Kent-Smith noted that “The economy saw a strong summer, although longer-term economic growth remained subdued. There are some signs of weakness in September with slowing retail sales and a fall-back in domestic car purchases. However, car manufacture for export grew across the quarter, boosting factory output. Meanwhile, imports of cars dropped substantially helping to improve Britain’s trade balance.”

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However, it should be noted that the rolling three month growth rate slowed from 0.7% in both May-Jul and Jun-Aug periods. This is in line with the above comment that there were some weakness in September. Indeed, monthly GDP growth in September was at 0.0% mom, missed expectation of 0.1% mom.

Full GDP release here.

Also released from UK

  • Trade deficit narrowed to GBP -9.7B in September versus expectation of GBP -11.4B.
  • Industrial production rose 0.0% mom, 0.0% yoy in September versus expectation of 0.1% mom, 0.5% yoy.
  • Manufacturing production rose 0.2% mom, 0.5% yoy versus expectation of 0.1% mom 0.4% yoy.
  • Construction output rose 1.7% mom in September versus expectation of 0.2% mom.

Overall, Sterling turns a bit weaker after the batch of data release.


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