UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman James Slack said today that she is not thinking about an election for the moment. The cross-party talk with Labour regarding Brexit will continue. The talks are now carried out in “smaller groups” which concentrate on “specific issues”. But there is no timetable for an agreement yet. Meanwhile, no-deal preparation would continue towards the new Brexit deadline on October 31.

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt also insisted that Conservative party leader contest would only happen after Brexit Withdrawal agreement if voted through the parliament. Hunt added: “There will be a time for all those discussions about whether this shade of person or that shade of person is the right person to take over from the prime minister. But the time for that is when she has announced she’s going and there’s a formal leadership contest.”

Hunt also said that “talks we are having with Labour are detailed and I think more constructive than people have thought. ” Also, “they are more detailed and more constructive than people had been expecting on both sides.

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