BoJ left monetary policy unchanged today as widely expected. Under the yield curve control framework, short-term policy interest rate was kept at -0.1%. JGB purchase will continue continue to keep 10-year JGB yield at around zero percent, with some flexibility depending on developments. Monetary base is expected to increase at around JPY 80T per annum. Y. Harada and G. Kataoka dissented again in 7-2 vote.

In the accompanying statement, BoJ warned that “downside risks concerning overseas economies are likely to be significant”. Risks include US macroeconomic policies, consequences of protectionist moves and their effects, emerging markets such as China, global adjustments in IT-related goods, Brexit and geopolitical risks.

Though, BoJ maintained that Japan’s economy is “likely to continue on a moderate expanding trend”. Domestic demand is expected to follow an uptrend. Exports are projected to show some weakness, but would stay on a “moderate increasing trend”. CPI is likely to increase gradually toward 2 percent, mainly on the back of the output gap remaining positive and medium- to long-term inflation expectations rising.

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Full statement here.


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