Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping held bilateral meeting today, ahead of G20 leaders summit that starts tomorrow. Both sides agreed to work together to promote “free and fair trade”. A wide range of topics were also discussed.

Xi said the G20 summit will be held “against the backdrop of an increasingly complicated world economic situation.” He added I strongly hope the summit will form shared views and send out a clear message to protect multilateralism and free trade.” Abe also said he welcomes the”new developments” in relationship with China that is based on the principles of “promoting free and fair trade.”

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasutoshi Nishimura noted that Abe urged Xi to maintain the free and open society, one-country, two systems with Hong Kong. This is a response to highly controversial extradition bill that prompted a March of 2 millions Hongkongers against the bill. Also, a world wide newspaper ad campaign is launched by Hong Kong activities, urging G20 leaders to stand by them to defend Hong Kong’s freedoms and autonomy.

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According to Nishimura, Abe also asked Xi to “exercise self-restraint over its activities” around the Japan-held Senkaku islets in the East China Sea and emphasized the importance of demilitarization of disputed islands in South China Sea.


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