Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan said in the World Peace Forum that “China’s development can’t shut out the rest of the world. The world’s development can’t shut out China”. Without naming any country, he warned against “protectionism in the name of national security”

Wang also called on major powers to contribute more to global peace and stability. He added, “large countries must assume their responsibilities and set an example, make more contributions to global peace and stability, and broaden the path of joint development.”

And he emphasized that “development is the key to resolving all issues”. At the same time, Wang pledged that China will walk the path of peace, as “if there is no peaceful, stable international environment, there will be no development to talk of.”

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Wang is an extremely close ally of President Xi Jinping but rarely speaks in the public regarding public issues. It remains to be seen if he’s speech was part of the campaign in stronger rhetorics in Sino-US relationships. Recently, China has warned that all punitive tariffs have to be removed to complete a trade deal. Also, it’s reported that purchases of US agricultural products are tied to how Huawei ban would be lifted.


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