In non seasonally adjusted terms, Japan exports dropped -6.7% yoy to JPY 6.585T in June. That’s the seventh straight month of decline. Imports dropped -5.2% yoy to JPY 5.995T. Trade surplus came in at JPY 0.589T.

Looking at some details, exports to China dropped -10.1 yoy and imports dropped -5.3% yoy. That’s the fourth straight month of decline in exports to China. Exports to US rose 4.8% yoy while imports dropped -2.5% yoy. That’s the ninth straight month of increase in exports to US.

In seasonally adjusted terms, exports rose 4.8% mom to JPY 6.554T in June. Imports dropped -4.4% mom to JPY 6.568T. Trade deficit came in at JPY -0.014T.

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