RBA Assistant Governor Kent said in the Q&A of a speech that the exchange rate transmission from interest rate cuts have been “broadly working as you would expect.” Though, the Australian Dollar exchange rate was supported by a “welcome” increase in commodity prices, as well as dovish turn in other major central banks. That came even after the central bank’s back-to-back rate cuts in June and July.

Kent emphasized that “doesn’t mean the reductions in the cash rate here have not had their effect on the exchange rate in the normal way, it’s just that there have been other forces.” And, “you could say well, absent reductions in the cash rate, the Aussie dollar might have been higher.”

On monetary policy, he said RBA is “a long way away from something like” quantitative easing. He noted elsewhere, QE was started “in the depths of the financial crisis when the credit system was quite impaired”. But “that’s not the sort of thing I think people have at the back of their minds here.” And monetary policies should be tailored to “your own economic circumstances”.

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