According to second estimate, France GDP dropped -5.3% in Q1, revised down from -4.8% in first estimate. Household consumption expenditure recorded an unprecedented drop (-5.6%). Total gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) fell even more sharply (-10.5%). All in all, total domestic demand (excluding changes in inventories) contracted: it contributed -6.0 points to GDP growth.

Imports fell (-5.7%), but less sharply than exports which fell by -6.1%. Overall, the contribution of foreign trade balance to GDP growth was zero. Conversely, changes in inventories contributed positively to GDP growth (+0.6 points).

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Also released, CPI slowed to 0.2% yoy in May, down from 0.4% yoy, missed expectation of 0.3% yoy. Consumer spending dropped -20.2% mom in April, worse than expectation of -15%


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