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China cuts 1-yr LPR moderately, keeps 5 yr LPR unchanged

In a somewhat anticipated move, China’s PBoC made a cut to its one-year loan prime rate by 10bps, settling it at 3.45%. This is a slight deviation from the 15bps reduction that the majority of economists had forecasted. What stands out is that this marks the second reduction in this rate in just a span of three months.

However, eyebrows were raised when PBOC decided to keep its five-year LPR — the benchmark for most mortgages in the country — steady at 4.2%. This move defied expectations of a 15 bps cut by many market watchers. The unaltered five-year LPR is being read by many as a signal of Chinese banks’ hesitancy to compromise their rate differential margin. Such reluctance throws into sharp relief potential concerns about the effective transmission of PBOC’s policy decisions into the broader market landscape.

Furthermore, it stirs up conversations about the central bank’s capability to invigorate the property sector and the broader economy through monetary easing strategies. This narrative is all the more potent given that this decision on the one-year LPR came on the heels of an unexpected reduction in PBOC’s medium-term policy rate just a week earlier. To give specifics, PBOC had reduced the one-year medium-term lending facility rate by 15 basis points, bringing it down to 2.50% from its previous 2.65%.

Considering these rate adjustments, many financial experts are now projecting more proactive measures from the PBOC in the forthcoming months. This may encompass further rate trims as well as potential reductions in the reserve requirement ratio for banks.

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