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Japan’s exports to China tumble further, trade with US flourishes

Japan’s economic data shows a dwindling momentum in the country’s export sector, registering a decline of -0.8% yoy to JPY 7994B in August, with a particularly notable decrease in its trading activities with China.

The continued dip in exports is largely attributed to diminishing overseas demand and the trade restrictions imposed by China, which have significantly impacted Japan’s trade balance.

A striking example is seen in the sharp -11.0% yoy decline in exports to China, to a total of JPY 1.44T. This downturn marks the third consecutive month of double-digit drops in export activities to China, severely affected by the -41.2% yoy plunge in food exports due to China’s ban on Japanese seafood.

However, a beacon of positivity trading rapport with US, which saw a growth spurt of 5.1% yoy, aggregating to a record JPY 1.62T for the month of August. This surge has been primarily fueled by a heightened demand for Japanese cars, mining, and construction machinery.

On the import front, Japan noted a considerable -17.8% yoy reduction to JPY 8925B, with imports from China dipping -12.1% to JPY 1.93T, and those from US falling -9.5% yoy to JPY 967.39B. The nation’s trade balance has consequently been reported at a deficit of JPY -930.5B.

When analyzed in seasonally adjusted terms, both exports and imports showcase a month-on-month decrease, registering -1.7% mom to JPY 8267.8B and -2.1% mom to JPY 8823.6B, respectively. Thankfully, there is a silver lining as the trade deficit has slightly narrowed compared to the previous month, standing at JPY -555.7B.

Full Japan trade release here.

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