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New Zealand’s exports down -18% yoy in Sep, China leads decline again

New Zealand’s trade balance for September reveals a deficit of NZD -2.3B, driven by a notable fall in goods exports of -18% yoy, bringing the total to NZD 4.9B. The decline in imports was also significant, dropping by -15% yoy to NZD 7.2B.

A striking feature of this downturn is the notable reduction in exports to China, marking a deviation from the consistent growth observed over the past decade. International trade manager Alasdair Allen noted, “Over the past decade, exports to China have been steadily increasing, with a flat period during COVID-19, but in recent months this has started to shift.”

Breaking down the export figures by country, China recorded a 20% yoy drop, equivalent to NZD 332 million, leading the downturn. Exports to Australia, US, EU, and Japan also experienced declines, calculated at -3.3%, -6.7%, -26%, and -12% yoy, respectively.

On the imports front, China once again played a significant role, with imports from the country decreasing by -17% yoy. Imports from EU and Australia also dropped by -1.5% yoy and -21% yoy respectively. Imports from South Korea contracted by -16% yoy. In contrast, imports from US saw a growth of 6.1% yoy.

Full New Zealand trade balance release here.

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