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Eurozone PMI composite fell to 35-month low, moving from bad to worse

Eurozone economy appears to be on shaky ground, with the latest PMI figures showing continued deterioration. October saw Manufacturing PMI slide to 43.0 from 43.4, while Services PMI dropped to a concerning 32-month low of 47.8, down from 48.7. Composite PMI wasn’t left behind, recording a 35-month low at 46.5, down from 47.2.

Cyrus de la Rubia, Chief Economist at Hamburg Commercial Bank, stated, “In the Eurozone, things are moving from bad to worse.” He highlighted that manufacturing has been grappling with a slump for over a year now. When examining the top Eurozone players, France and Germany, de la Rubia noted that their manufacturing downturns are almost on par.

However, it’s not all gloom for France in the services sector. Despite a lower activity index compared to Germany, France showcases some resilience with new businesses not declining as rapidly. Moreover, companies in France are steadily adding jobs rather than eliminating them.

Another noteworthy aspect is the persistent price increases within the services sector. Comparing it to prior economic downturns, inflation for both input prices and prices charged has only marginally slowed down. This trend might be challenging for ECB. As de la Rubia points out, “these figures reinforce the case of a pause in the interest rate cycle instead of thinking aloud about loosening monetary policy.”

Full Eurozone PMI release here.

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