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Japan’s CPI core rises to 2.9%, above BoJ target for 19th mth, services prices surge

Japan’s core CPI, which excludes fresh food prices, rose slightly from 2.8% yoy to 2.9% yoy in October, falling just below expected 3.0% yoy. Notably, this core CPI has stayed above BoJ’s target of 2% for the 19th consecutive month, indicating persistent inflationary pressures.

Headline CPI, which includes all items, accelerated from 3.0% yoy to 3.3% yoy. However, core-core CPI, which excludes both food and energy, showed a slight deceleration, dropping from 4.2% yoy to 4.0% yoy. Despite this decrease, core-core CPI has remained above 4.0% for seven consecutive months, highlighting sustained inflation in areas beyond just the volatile items.

Breaking down the details, energy prices saw a significant decrease of -8.5% yoy. In contrast, food prices continued to climb, recording a 7.6% yoy increase. Durable goods also experienced a price rise of 3.2% yoy. Notably, services prices surged by 2.1% yoy, marking the fastest gain since 1993. This sharp increase in services prices underscores the broadening of inflationary pressures within the Japanese economy.

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