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BoE’s Breeden focuses on inflationary persistence for future policy

BoE Deputy Governor Sarah Breeden acknowledged in a speech that the UK economy is making strides towards bringing inflation back to the BoE’s 2% target, but emphasized that “our job isn’t done.”

Breeden expressed a focused concern on the persistence of inflationary pressures, highlighting a key area of the BoE’s attention: “The question I am focused on is whether there is evidence of more persistent inflationary pressures which means we may need to tighten further.”

Emphasizing the need for a sustained restrictive monetary policy, Breeden stated, “Regardless, monetary policy still needs to be restrictive for an extended period of time to keep pushing down on inflation and to return it sustainably to target.”

Breeden also highlighted the importance of utilizing a diverse range of data sources to gauge the economy’s trajectory. She mentioned using “soft data, such as surveys, as well as real-world conversations with businesses and others,” to inform her assessment of economic trends.

Full speech of BoE Breeden here.

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