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Fed’s Schmid counsels patience, preemptive policy shifts unnecessary

Kansas City Fed President Jeffrey Schmid emphasized a cautious approach to adjusting Fed’s monetary policy. With inflation persistently above the target, coupled with tight labor markets and strong demand, Schmid argues there is “no need to preemptively adjust the stance of policy.”

His stance highlights a preference for a measured response, suggesting that “the best course of action is to be patient,” a sentiment that underscores the importance of observing the economy’s reaction to the already implemented policy tightening measures. He urged to wait for “convincing evidence that the inflation fight has been won.”

Schmid also addressed the current state of high inflation, indicating that “we are not out of the woods yet.” He pointed out that recent reductions in inflation have primarily resulted from decreases in energy and goods prices, thanks to the rebalancing of oil markets and the healing of supply chains.

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