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Australia CPI slows less than expected in Q1, accelerates in Mar

In Q1, Australia’s CPI slowed from 4.1% yoy to 3.6% yoy, exceeding market expectations of 3.4% yoy. Similarly, trimmed mean CPI, which excludes volatile price items and provides a clearer view of underlying inflation trends, also decelerated less than expected, moving from 4.2% yoy to 4.0% yoy, against predictions of 3.8% yoy.

The breakdown by category shows a general slowdown across the board. Goods inflation decreased from 3.8% yoy to 3.1% yoy, while services inflation eased from 4.6% yoy to 4.3% yoy. Tradeable inflation, which includes items that can be imported or exported, slowed more significantly from 1.5% yoy to 0.9% yoy. Non-tradeable inflation, representing goods and services not exposed to international markets, also saw a reduction from 5.4% yoy to 5.0% yoy.

However, on a quarterly basis, CPI rose by 1.0% qoq in Q1, marking an acceleration from the previous quarter’s 0.6% qoq and outpacing expectations of a 0.8% rise. This quarterly increase suggests that, despite the annual slowdown, price pressures within the economy intensified at the start of the year. Trimmed mean CPI on a quarterly basis mirrored this trend, rising 1.0% qoq compared to the previous 0.8% qoq, also surpassing the expected 0.8% qoq.

Monthly figures reinforce the notion of persistent inflationary pressures, with CPI ticking up from 3.4% yoy to 3.5% yoy, again exceeding expectations.

Full Australia CPI release here.

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