Daily Pivots: (S1) 1.4134; (P) 1.4179; (R1) 1.4213; More

Intraday bias in EUR/AUD remains neutral at this point. Price action from 1.4025 are seen as a corrective pattern and thus maintain near term bearishness. Below 1.4025 will resume the larger fall from 1.6587 to key support level at 1.3671. We’d expect downside to be contained there to bring reversal. Meanwhile, above 1.4251 minor resistance will turn focus back to 1.4721 resistance.

In the bigger picture, price actions from 1.6587 medium term top are viewed as a consolidative pattern. 50% retracement of 1.1602 to 1.6587 at 1.4095 was already met. While further fall cannot be ruled out, we’d expect strong support above 1.3671 to contain downside and bring rebound. Up trend from 1.1602 should not be finished and will resume later. Break of 1.4721 resistance will be the first sign of resumption of up trend from 1.1602 and target retesting of 1.6587 high first.

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