EUR/CHF Weekly Outlook

EUR/CHF edged lower to 1.0631 last week but lost momentum again ahead of 1.0620 support and recovered. Initial bias remains neutral this week first. Near term outlook stays mildly bearish as long as 1.0706 minor resistance holds. Break of 1.0620 key support level will extend the larger decline from 1.1198 to 1.0485 fibonacci level. However, considering bullish convergence condition in 4 hour MACD, break of 1.0706 minor resistance will raise the chance of medium term reversal. In that case, focus will be turned back to 1.0749 and then 1.0897 key resistance.

In the bigger picture, the decline from 1.1198 is seen as a corrective move. Such correction is still in progress. Sustained trading below 38.2% retracement of 0.9771 to 1.1198 at 1.0653 will target 50% retracement at 1.0485. On the upside, break of 1.0897 resistance is needed to confirm completion of such fall. Otherwise, outlook will stay bearish.

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