USD/CHF Weekly Outlook

USD/CHF retreated again after edging higher to 0.8727 last week. Initial bias stays neutral this week first. On the downside, below 0.8605 will resume the pull back from 0.8727 to 0.8487 support. Break there will argue that rebound from 0.8332 has completed, and bring retest of this low. On the upside, firm break of 0.8727 will resume the rebound to 61.8% retracement of 0.9243 to 0.8332 at 0.8995 instead.

In the bigger picture, while rebound from 0.8332 could be strong, there is no clear sign of medium term bottoming yet. This rebound is tentatively seen as a corrective move for now. Also, outlook will stay bearish as long as 0.9243 resistance holds. Larger down trend from 1.0146 (2022 high) should resume through 0.8332 low at a later stage.

In the long term picture, there is no clear sign that down trend from 1.8305 (2000 high) has completed. With 38.2% retracement of 1.8305 to 0.7065 at 1.1359 intact, outlook is neutral at best.

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