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CFTC Commitments of Traders – Trader Increased Long Bets, Sending Euro to Almost 2-Year High

As suggested in the CFTC Commitments of Traders report in the week ended July 21, NET SHORT for USD Index futures gained +754 to 5 793 contracts. Speculative long positions increased +6 856 contracts and short positions added +7 610 contracts. Concerning European currencies, NET LENGTH in EUR futures jumped +14 135 contracts to 125 047. The single currency extended the recent rally on better-than-expected economic recovery. The market was also optimistic the recovery fund agreed by the EU would help stimulate consumption in coming months. NET SHORT for GBP futures rose +1 494 contracts to 15 080 for the week. On safe-haven currencies, NET LENGTH on CHF futures added +322 contracts to 7 379. NET LENGTH on JPY futures gained +981 contracts to 19 307. Concerning commodity currencies, AUD futures reverted to NET SHORT of 205 contracts. Separately, NZD futures’ NET LENGHT increased +1 358 contracts to 1 434 contracts during the week. Meanwhile, NET SHORT for CAD futures declined -3 077 contracts to 16 698.

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