Dow (21320.04, -0.74%) broke below 21400, indicating that the downward correction might not be over yet. Note that 21500 is a crucial long term resistance which could bring in sharp rejection towards 21200 or maybe even lower. Medium term looks bearish.

Dax (12381.25, -0.58%) has been trading exactly between 12500 and 12300 levels and as mentioned yesterday, while 12500 holds we could see some more downside in the near term possibly extending towards 12200 levels. Near term looks sideways to bearish.

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Shanghai (3196.23, -0.50%) is in an uptrend and could see eventual rise towards 3220-3240 with some interim dips. We could see a bounce from 3190 back to higher levels next week.

Nikkei (19965.78, -0.14%) came down to test 19856 contrary to our expectation of a rise. There could be some chances of testing 19750 on the downside in the near term but overall medium term looks potentially bullish.

Nifty (9674.55, +0.38%) made an intra-day high of 9700 yesterday, testing our initial target. 9700 is an important level just now and if it breaks, we could see a sharp 100points rally towards 9800 soon. Else there could be some scope of consolidation within 9600-9700 region.


In the smaller time frame, Gold (1219) is oversold and needs a pause before attempting sub 1190 levels. It is hovering around 1120 levels which is a near term area of support and a pause in the range of 12320-1245 can provide the necessary bearish momentum.

Silver (15.74) is trading below its support of 15.80. The scrip is oversold too thus weekend profit taking could pull the price towards 16.20 levels. Markets are now awaiting U.S. non-farm payrolls for June, due on today at 6:00 pm IST, for more insight into Fed policy and the future path of U.S Dollar.

No directional movement had been seen in Copper (2.66) also as it is trading within the range of 2.66-2.78.If 2.66 holds then we might see 2.82 within few days of time otherwise it might come back towards 2.55 levels. We will remain bullish on copper while it is trading above 2.55 levels.

A shortage in U.S crude inventory by more than 6 million barrels could not generate enough buying momentum to keep the prices of Brent (47.46) and WTI (44.92) above their respective resistances. Prices had fallen as OPEC June exports were up 450k bpd from May, and up 1.9 million barrel a day from a year ago due to the supply from Libya and Nigeria, which are not bound by the OPEC/NOPEC production cut agreements. If the key resistances of 48 (Brent) 46.50 (WTI) will hold for the week then gradual selling for the target of 44.70 and 42 can ’t be ruled as seller will take every bounce as a further opportunity for selling.


The currency markets are preparing for the shift to a more hawkish stance of the central banks from the decade long accommodative stance, pushing the yields higher everywhere and strengthening majors against Dollar. US NFP data tonight remains the main focus now.

It was stated repeatedly earlier in the week that most of the majors have been in a normal correction and further break of major supports are required before the downtrend can be confirmed. The correction of Euro (1.1415) has probably ended as it bounced back near to the year high of 1.1445 and Dollar Index (95.92) slipped below 96.00. If the US NFP data comes weak tonight, Dollar may test the major support of 95.50-40 while Euro may rise further to the long term resistance area near 1.15-1.16.

Dollar Yen (113.69) is rallying towards our targets of 114.30-115.00 as expected with the immediate support coming higher at 113.00-112.75.

Pound (1.2970) responded well to the requirement of an immediate rally but still requires a break above the major resistance area of 1.3030-50 to negate downside risks and confirm further rise towards 1.3200.

Aussie (0.7585) remains weak despite the global Dollar weakness and may test the lower support levels of 0.7530-15.

Dollar Rupee (64.78) closed flat despite the activity in the global forex and may end the week in the range of 64.60-90 without much movement.


The US yields have risen sharply, the 30YR (2.92%) breaking above the immediate resistance. The 5YR (1.94%) and the 10Yr (2.37%) are also trading higher and looks bullish for the next few sessions.

The US 10-5Yr differential (0.43%) has risen sharply and could test resistance near 0.4375% in the next few sessions from where a rejection towards 0.4125% is possible.

The German-US 10Yr (-1.81%) has risen above important resistance and while that holds, the yield spread could move up in the near term. In that case, it could be an indication of further strength in Euro.

The US-Japan 10Yr (2.28%) has been rising sharply in the last few sessions and while it continues to rise, we may see a weaker Yen going forward. The yield spread could rise towards 2.33% in the coming sessions.

The German-Japan 10Yr yield spread (0.47%) has broken a long 1-year sideways channel and moved up sharply. The spread could move up further in the near term and take up EUR/JPY to much higher levels in the near term. A rise in EUR/JPY (129.84) towards 132 and higher is possible soon.


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