GOLD Short-term bullish momentum arises.

Gold’s is trading mixed after the precious metal reached the $1200 level. Hourly support is now given at $1204 (10/07/2017 high). Hourly resistance at 1229 (06/07/2017 high) has been broken. Expected to show further strengthening.

In the long-term, the technical structure suggests that there is a growing upside momentum. A break of 1392 (17/03/2014) is necessary ton confirm it, A major support can be found at 1045 (05/02/2010 low)

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SILVER Back within former downtrend channel.

Silver is still bouncing from hourly support given at 15.18 (10/07/2017 low). Key resistance is given at a distance at 17.75 (06/06/2017 high). The road seems wide open for renewed weakness.

In the long-term, the death cross indicates that further downsides are very likely. Resistance is located at 25.11 (28/08/2013 high). Strong support can be found at 11.75 (20/04/2009).

CRUDE OIL Pushing higher.

Crude oil is trading higher. Hourly support is given at 43.65 (10/07/2017 low). Expected to monitor resistance given at 47.32 (04/07/2017).

In the long-term, crude oil has recovered after its sharp decline last year. However, we consider that further weakness are very likely. Strong support lies at 35.24 (05/04/2016) while resistance can now be found at 55.24 (03/01/2017 high).


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