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Key EURUSD Levels Ahead Of U.S. Job Report

The euro has slipped to fresh daily trading-lows against the greenback during the European trading session, as market participants remains cautious ahead of today’s Non-farm payrolls job report. Bearish momentum is still largely intact in the pair from Thursday, as investors fear a potential Trade War between the EU and U.S economies. The EURUSD risks further intraday losses on a solid U.S Non-farm payrolls job report, with investors focused on the headline figure and U.S wage earnings data.

The EURUSD pair will turn strongly bearish below the 1.2278 level, with further selling towards 1.2239 and 1.220 then likely.

Should the EURUSD pair find bullish momentum above the 1.2305 level, buyers will likely target the 1.2358 and 1.2400 resistance levels.

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