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Italian PM Conte said no extra NATO spending

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said today that “Italy inherited spending commitments to NATO, commitments that we did not change, so no increase in spending.” He added that “as far as we’re concerned, today we did not decide to offer extra contributions with respect to what was decided some time ago.”

That came not long after Trump, in high profile way, declared in an unscheduled press conference that “everyone has agreed to substantially up their commitment” and he was “extremely happy”.

Seems like by “everyone” Trump means everyone but Italy? Or either Conte or Trump lied?

Separately, French President Emmanuel Macron said he read Trump’s 140-character messages” but the debate in NATO “took a different tone. They were frank but there was no finger-pointing or lack of respect.”

When will Macron realize that only someone with integrity will deliver the messages with the same tone everywhere?

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