Reuters reported that, based on unnamed source, Trump is ready to announce the next round of tariffs on USD 200B in Chinese goods, as soon as on Monday. However, the tariff rate could be at 10%, which is much lower than the 25% rate Trump intended to impose. There is no comment from the White House on the news yet. At the same time, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is restarting trade talks with China, involving Vice Premier Liu He. But there is no detail the meeting, not even a date yet.

In the middle of last week, before the news that Mnuchin sent an invitation letter to China for talks, a massive new campaign against Trump’s tariffs was launched. The Americans for Free Trade campaign rode on the Farmers for Free Trade campaign. The multi-industry coalition consists of over 80 of the US leading trade associations, representing thousands of businesses and workers. It’s backed by a multi-million dollar campaign called Tariffs Hurt the Heartland.

The campaign include highlighting opposition to current and new tariffs through:

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  • Events in congressional districts across the country that bring together farmers, business owners and factory workers to discuss how tariffs are directly hurting them;
  • Paid TV, radio and online advertisements highlighting how tariffs are affecting families, farmers, factory workers and businesses of all sizes;
  • A rapid response “war room” that will fact check and respond to tariff announcements;
  • Op-eds, blogs and statements from Americans bearing the brunt of tariffs;
  • A digital media campaign explaining the economic harm of tariffs to a wide online audience; and
  • Direct outreach to key members of Congress on behalf of grassroots voices from across the nation.

And it will kick off with events in Chicago, Nashville, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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