China’s trade surplus surprisingly widened in September, as trade surplus with US jumped to record high at USD 34.1B. As trade war started and escalated to another phase, exports to US continued to grow while imports from the US contracted for another month. For the year as a whole, China continued to have faster import growth with EU, than exports.

In USD terms, China’s trade surplus widened to USD 31.7B in September, well above expectation of USD 19.4B. Exports rose 14.5% yoy to USD 226.7B. Import rose 14.3% yoy to 195.0B.

For the month of September

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  • Exports to EU rose 1.2% mom, 11.4% yoy to USD 37.4B. Imports from EU dropped -0.6% mom, rose 9.1% yoy to USD 24.7B. Trade surplus rose 9.9%, 37.7% yoy to USD 12.7B.
  • Exports to US rose 5.2% mom, 14.0% yoy to USD 46.7B. Imports from US dropped -5.8% mom, -2.3% yoy to USD 12.6B. Trade surplus rose 9.9% mom, 21.5% yoy to USD 34.1B.

From January to September

  • Exports to EU rose 11.4% yoy to USD 301.5B. Imports from EU rose 14.1% to USD 205.2B. Trade surplus rose 6.1% yoy to USD 96.3B.
  • Exports to US rose 12.9% yoy to 348.8B. Imports from US rose 8.3% to USD 123.0B. Trade surplus rose 15.5% to USD 225.8B.

Sep 2018 figures, Aug 2018 figures, Sep 2018 figures


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