Argentine Treasury Minister Nicolas Dujovne, chairm of this year’s G20 finance leaders’ meeting, said in urged the countries involved to solve trade tensions, in a the summit in Indonesia. He said, “we recognize we are now facing trade tensions among members of the G20”, without directly naming the US or China.

And he added that “the G20 can play a role in providing the platform for discussions. But the differences that still persist should be resolved by the members that are directly involved in the tensions.”

Dujovne also added “we agree that international trade is an important engine of growth, and that we need to resolve tensions which can negatively affect market sentiment and increase financial volatility”.

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Separealy, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that “I expressed my concern about the weakness in the (yuan) currency and that as part of any trade discussions, currency has to be part of the discussion.”


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