Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte issued a formal statement in response to European Commission’s new forecasts published today.

Conte criticized that the 2019 growth forecasts for Italy “underestimate the positive impact of our economic maneuver and our structural reforms.” He emphasized that with the government’s estimate, growth will increase while debt and deficit will decrease. And there is “no grounds for questioning the validity and sustainability of our forecasts.”

He also said “Italy is not at all a problem for the Eurozone and European Union, but rather will contribute to the growth of the whole continent.” And, the structural reforms will “give greater impetus to the growth compared to the EU Commission.”

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Conte’s full statement in Italian here.

As a reminder, in EU’s warning letter dated October 10, European commission has already criticized that “the macroeconomic forecast underlying Italy’s budgetary plans has not been endorsed by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), Italy’s independent fiscal monitoring institution. At first sight, this appears not to respect the explicit provision of Regulation 473/2013 (Article 4(4)) calling for the macroeconomic forecast to be produced or endorsed by an independent body.”


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