Italy appears to be standing firm on 2019 draft budget plan even though European Commission has taken the first step of Excessive Deficit Procedure

Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said in his facebook post that “Both us and Europe want the same thing: reduce debt. And the European Union will be convinced that, to achieve the goal, we have chosen the only road that works: helping families and businesses, creating new job opportunities for young people. That’s how Italy finally can grow.”

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Sia noi che l’Europa vogliamo la stessa cosa: ridurre il debito. E l’Unione europea si convincerà che, per raggiungere…

Gepostet von Luigi Di Maio am Mittwoch, 21. November 2018

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also said “I have been at work since day one, along with the whole government team, to make the country more competitive and realize the conditions for effective economic and social growth. Let us move forward, convinced that this is the best way to reduce debt with advantage for our country and also for Europe.”

Sulla manovra economica il Governo è pronto a un confronto costruttivo con la Commissione europea. Sabato incontrerò il…

Gepostet von Giuseppe Conte am Mittwoch, 21. November 2018



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