In the UK, eyes are now first on no-confidence vote on Prime Minister Theresa May at 1900GMT. After yesterday’s humiliating 432 to 202 defeat of her Brexit deal, May told the parliament today that “What the government wants to do is first of all to ensure that we deliver on the result of the referendum”.

She added that “We want to do it in a way that ensures we respect the votes of those who voted to leave in that referendum. That means ending free movement, it means getting a fairer deal for farmers and fishermen, it means opening up new opportunities to trade with the rest of the world.”

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged a new election. He said “if a government cannot get its legislation through parliament, it must got to the country for a new mandate”. And, “there can be no doubt that this is indeed a zombie government.”

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Conservative backbencher Dominic Grieve, proposed two new bills that would enable preparations for a second referendum. He expected the government to disregard it as it controls the time and schedule for debates. But he added “if Parliament seizes control, then I imagine time will be found for it,” and “it’s a marker, so once it’s down it can be used.”

German news paper Handelsblatt reported that Germany, the Netherlands and some other EU countries are trying to explore some concessions regarding the issue of Irish border backstop. But we’ll tend not to pay too much attention to rumors, until they’re confirmed.


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