Trump indicated once again in the oval office yesterday that he’s flexible to change the March 1 trade truce with China. He said the negotiations are “very complex talks” but they’re “going very well”. He added that “I can’t tell you exactly about timing, but the date (March 1) is not a magical date. A lot of things can happen.”

Regarding the possibility of raising tariffs on Chinese imports further, Trump said “I know that China would like not for that to happen, so I think they’re trying to move fast so that doesn’t happen.”

China Foreign Ministry emphasized in a statement that “The U.S. side should recognize that China’s development is in the world’s interest, as well as the United States’. Only by seeing China’s development as an opportunity for the United States can this help resolve certain problems, including trade and economic ones.”

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And, “As long as China and the United States proactively meet each other halfway, then trade and economic cooperation can still play a role as a ballast stone in Sino-U.S. ties.”


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