Trump insisted that the trade negotiations with China is “going along well”. But he told reports at the White House that “”I’m in no rush. I want the deal to be right. … I am not in a rush whatsoever. It’s got to be the right deal. It’s got to be a good deal for us and if it’s not, we’re not going to make that deal.”

At the same time, Trump also acknowledged that Xi may be wary of going to a summit in the US without an agreement in hand. He said “I think President Xi saw that I’m somebody that believes in walking when the deal is not done, and you know there’s always a chance it could happen and he probably wouldn’t want that,”
Though, he’s still expecting a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping but “we’ll just see what the date is”. He is also open to complete the trade agreement before or after the summit. He added that “we could do it either way. We could have the deal completed and come and sign, or we could get the deal almost completed and negotiate some of the final points. I would prefer that.”

For now, Beijing made no reference to a Trump-Xi summit at the Mar-a-Lago Such summit is unlikely to happen this month. Tariffs imposed from both sides since last year are continuing to drag on the global economy with no end in sight. And there is nothing done that stops China from IP theft, forced technology transfer and market distortion through state-owned enterprises.

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