European Council President Donald Tusk is known to prefer UK to stay in EU. He said in remarks published Gazeta Wyborcza daily that “the real debate on the consequences of Brexit started not before or during the referendum campaign, but after the vote.” And, “paradoxically it is Brexit that triggered a pro-European movement in the UK”. He added, “today, chances that there will be no Brexit are at 20-30%. That’s a lot.”

Tusk went further to explain that “month by month it is becoming clearer that the UK’s departure from the EU will look completely different than what the Brexit promoters had (forecast)”.

To him: “I don’t see a reason to give up, even if we repeat that the referendum is an expression of the people’s will. Yes, the people’s will has to be respected. But the referendum in 2016 was not the first one on the UK’s membership in the EU.”

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