Eurozone CPI was finalized at 0.8% yoy in September, down form 1.0% yoy in August. Core CPI was finalized at 1.0% yoy, up from 0.9% yoy. The highest contribution to the annual euro area inflation rate came from services (0.66%), followed by food, alcohol & tobacco (0.29%), non-energy industrial goods (0.06%) and energy (-0.18 %).

EU28 CPI was finalized at 1.2% yoy, down from 1.4% yoy in August. The lowest annual rates were registered in Cyprus (-0.5%), Portugal (-0.3%), Greece, Spain and Italy (all 0.2%). The highest annual rates were recorded in Romania (3.5%), Slovakia (3.0%) and Hungary (2.9%). Compared with August, annual inflation fell in twenty Member States, remained stable in five and rose in two.

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